A quick summary of my background:

I purchased my first scope in October 2006 and it has taken me twelve months to acquire enough skills to begin deep sky astrophotography. Most of this time I have been learning how to use the scope and how to find things in the night sky.

Whilst I have a long way to go, I get a real kick when I am able to post a new astro photo knowing how much is involved in acquiring and processing to get these shots.  I am still amazed at the views and colours that the camera shows which the eye cannot see.

My background is in electronics, computing, amateur radio (VK6JI) and photography. I have done SLR photography as a hobby for longer than I care to remember and I have been doing digital SLR work since Canon released its first digital SLR, the D30. I am currently using an modified 20D & 40D.

I have been working in IT for the past 20 years. My background has helped me get this far but without a doubt my biggest challenge was getting the required scope and night sky skills.

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