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Date: 16/04/2010


Name: Lagoon  (M8),  Tifid  (M20) Nebula's & Open Star Cluster M21

This imagine is made up from about 80 images,  making two FOV's one each for M8 & M20 then stitched together to increase the FOV. 

M21 forms an apparent group in the sky with M20 and M8.  But in real space, M20 is a foreground object, while M8 is not much farther away than M21.

M21 is 3,930 ly, whist M20 is 2,660 ly and M8 is between 4,000 to 6,000 ly from earth.


This imagine was taken whilst at Watson's Way Country Stay which is N/E of Mukinbudin in Western Australia. 



Location: Watson's Way - Mukinbudin Stacking Mode:  Mosaic
Camera: Canon 20D - LP Filter Removed Alignment Method:  Automatic
Optics: Skywatcher ED80. Stacking Mode:  Mosaic
Exposure:  RGB BKG Cal:  Yes
Total Exposure:    Per Channel Cal:  Yes
Guiding: DSI on Mead LX200R. Method:  Median Kappa-Sigma K=2/I=5
Filter: Astronomik UV-IR Block Darks:  No
Focus: Bahtinov Mask Flat:  No

Position in Sky

PhotoShop CS4

RA (J2000):   Levels, Colour Balance, Curves, Saturation Scaling, jpeg Conversion.
DEC (J2000): 
Constellation:  Sagittarius