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Date: 15/07/2010


Name: Tifid Nebula - M20

In a physical sense, M20, the threefold or Trifid Nebula, rather consists of two components: the round central H-II region, glowing in red Ha light, is surrounded by the blue halo of a reflection nebula.



Location: Greenwood  -  (Backyard) Stacking Mode:  Mosaic
Camera: Canon 20D - LP Filter Removed Alignment Method:  Automatic
Optics: Meade LX200R. Stacking Mode:  Mosaic
Exposure: 5 x 7m + 26 x 3m  RGB BKG Cal:  No
Total Exposure:  1Hour 53Mintes Per Channel Cal:  No
Guiding: DSI on Skywatcher ED80. Method:  Median Kappa-Sigma K=2/I=5
Filter: Astronomik CLS-CCD Darks:  No
Focus: Bahtinov Mask Flat:  No
  Full Details

Position in Sky

PhotoShop CS4

RA (J2000):   18 h   2.6 Min Levels, Colour Balance, Curves, Saturation Scaling, jpeg Conversion.
DEC (J2000):  - 23 Deg 2 Min
Constellation:  Sagittarius
Distance:  2,660 Light Years