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Date:  10/10/2021


Name:  Star Trails   @   Watsons Way


This star trails was done with the camera pointing at the South Celestial Pole and taking 255 images.  Each imagine was done with 30 second exposures at 4000 ASA.  This gave a total exposure time of 127 minutes.  Each imagine was then combined in Star Trails to produce the circle of stars about the South Celestial Pole.  The tractor in the foreground was simply lit up momentarily by a touch during one of the exposures.

Location: Lat -   30 Degrees 33.975 Minutes South
                Long - 118 Degrees 29.167 Minutes East


Location:  Watson's Way

Levels, Colour Balance, Curves, Saturation Scaling, jpeg Conversion



Camera:  Canon 6D 

Optics:  Canon 14mm 2.8L

Exposure:  4000 ASA @ 30 Secs x 255

Total Exposure:  255 (127Min 30Sec)


Filter:  :

Focus:  : Manual