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 Thor's Helmet- NGC 2359 - Distance 15,000 Light Years - In the Constellation Canis Major. This is a Galactic reflection + emission nebula..

A Bright Nebula that surrounds and has been blown off by a Wolf-Rayet Star (A blue supergiant star).

Their very peculiar spectra show emission lines of a a stellar wind is ejecting matter into space at velocities between 1,000 and 3,000 kilo meters per second, and indicate that an envelope of ejected matter exists around the star. The rate of mass loss by the stellar wind is significant, of the order of 10-4 solar masses per year. Wolf-Rayet stars are often seen surrounded by nebulosities such as NGC 2359.


Location: Back Yard Greenwood WA Stacking Mode:  Mosaic
Camera: Canon 40D - LP Filter Removed Alignment Method:  Automatic
Optics: Meade LX200R. Stacking Mode:  Mosaic
Exposure: 1600ASA @  5 Minutes x 14 RGB BKG Cal:  Yes
Total Exposure:  1hr 10min Total  > 5 hr  Per Channel Cal:  No
Guiding: DSI on Skywatcher ED60. Method:  Median Kappa-Sigma K=2/I=5
Filter: Astronomik CLS Darks:  Yes
Focus: Bahtinov Mask Flat:  No
  Full Details

Position in Sky

PhotoShop CS4

RA (J2000):     07h 19m Levels, Colour Balance, Curves, Saturation Scaling, jpeg Conversion.
DEC (J2000):  -13* 14 '
Constellation:  Canis Major
Distance: 15,000 Light Years