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Lunar Eclipse  -  9th January 2009

Many penumbral eclipses have few observable effects.  The penumbral area is the partial shadow of the earth on the moon.  This lunar eclipse carried the moon far enough into the light gray shadow to produce a dimming of the northern lunar limb. According to NASA, this event will be the deepest penumbral eclipse in 2009, with a penumbral magnitude of 0.899.  It was visible to the naked eye as dusky shading in the northern half of the moon.

I have not displayed the moon in the conventional manner, instead it's shown as seen from the southern hemisphere so the moons south pole is at the top of the image whilst east is on the left. 


Date: 09/02/2009
Location: Home in Back Yard  (Perth  WA) 
Camera:  Canon 20D
Optics: SkyWhatcher ED80
Exposure:  1/400 Sec @ 100 ASA 
Guiding: No