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Date: 03/05/2019


Name: Needle  Galaxy  -  NGC 4565  .


This imagine was taken whilst at Watson's Way Country Stay which is N/E of Mukinbudin in Western Australia.


The Needle Galaxy is an edge on spiral galaxy approximately 30 to 50 million light-years  (ly) from Earth in the Coma Berenices. NGC 4565 was discoverd by Willian Herschel in 1785.  , Much speculation exists in literature as to the nature of the central bulge. In the absence of clear-cut dynamical data on the motions of stars in the bulge, the photometric data alone cannot adjudge among various options put forth. However, its exponential shape suggested that it is a barred spiral galaxy. Studies with the help of the Spitzer Space Telescope not only confirmed the presence of a central bar but also showed a pseudobulge within it as well as an inner ring. NGC 4565 has at least two satellite galaxies, one of which is interacting with it. It has a population of roughly 240 globular clusters, more than the Milky Way. NGC 4565 is one of the brightest member galaxies of the Coma I Group



Location: Watson's Way Stacking Mode:  Mosaic.
Camera: Canon 40D - Modified Alignment Method:  Automatic
Optics: Skywatcher ED80 Stacking Mode:  Mosaic
Exposure: 1600ASA x  300 Seconds x RGB BKG Cal:   Yes
Total Exposure:  1 Hour 5 Minutes. Per Channel Cal:   No
Guiding: DSI on Mead  LX200R. Method:   Median Kappa-Sigma (K=2, I= 5)
Filter: Darks:   No
Focus: Bahtinov Mask Flat:   No

Position in Sky

PhotoShop CS4

RA (J2000):     Levels, Colour Balance, Curves, Saturation Scaling, jpeg Conversion.
DEC (J2000): 
Constellation:  Coma Berenices
Distance:  30 to 50 Million Light Years