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Lunar Eclipse   -  28th July 2018

A lunar eclipse comes when the sun, Earth and moon line up and Earth's shadow falls on the moon. It has been reported that this lunar eclipse will be the longest and darkest of this century.

The red colour is a result of the light that manages to reach the moon travelling through the earths atmosphere which cause the blue's in the light to scatter leaving the reaming red colours to reach the moon to get it's red colour.  The red's may have been enhanced on this occasion by the presents of volcanic ash particles in the upper atmosphere.  Exposure times varied from 1/500 of a second with the moon in full sunlight to 30 seconds in the shadow of the earth.  The 30 second exposure's resulted in stars being present in the background images of the moon, something that would not normally occur due to the large difference in brilliance between the moon and the stars under normal conditions.

The Moon and Mars were relatively close in the sky during the eclipse.   Mars being at opposition at the time was relatively bright to accompany the eclipse Moon in this wider field of view. Rain and clouds were once again the dominate feature of this lunar eclipse.  


Date: 28/07/2018
Location: Home in Back Yard  (Perth  WA) 
Camera:  Canon 40D
Optics: 70 - 200mm @ 130mm 
Exposure:  1/2 Sec / f4 @ 2000 ASA 
Guiding: No